The LPG Gas cylinder(For Domestic Purpose) obtained on reduced rates compared to market rate is called Subsidized gas cylinder and this is meant for Poor people who cannot afford the full cost.The actual cost of an 14.2 Kg LPG cylinder (For Domestic Purpose) is ₹ 985. How ever to help the poor meet their ends the Government of India(Through dealer) supplies a 14.2 Kg LPG Cylinder at ₹ 468 and the balance is born by government. This Amount ₹ 373 which is born by government is called subsidy. Some times the dealer collects ₹ 985 per cylinder and later on the subsidy amount ₹ 373 will be credited to your bank account. This process is called DBTL (i.e Direct benefit transfer to LPG Consumer) But this DBTL/ Subsidy is limited to 12 cylinders per year beyond which you have to pay the full cost of LPG Cylinder.